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Do you whistle?


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I was out getting some groceries and a  older lady smiled and stopped me and said "You were whistling earlier..., it is so nice to hear people whistle again"

I wasn't even aware I had been.  I wonder how many people in the store I annoyed today.  :)

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5 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Don’t you miss it?

Sometimes.  Then I wake up.

I miss the job but things there are not the same these days.  The industry matured and stuff that was impossible to do became "can you replace that dollar part with a 50 cent part."  That began to squeeze the wonder out of arriving at work each morning.

The part time job at the hobby shop was just enough transition from working to not working to cure me.

I have some really slick stuff coming out of the secret lab soon.  You'll like it.

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Nope not even if I wanted to. WoZack on the other hand can get your attention from a mile away how loud she can whistle 

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