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I have two, so I can afford to leave one behind right?


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Friday, left the office, headed home.  Wife asked me to pick up oldest son from detention, (yep, that's my boy...).  She and our younger son were at a friends.  Got the boy and headed to friends house, where I found my wife, our friend and 5 kids playing.  We decided to go to a neighborhood burger joint for dinner.


Loaded up the 5 kids and three adults into two cars and headed to Shady's for a burger and an adult beverage or two.


Friends husband and their oldest joined us there, so now we were up to 6 kids and 4 in two cars and I needed to take the husband to pick up his car somewhere else.


So after dinner winds down, the girls decided to take the younger kids home.  My oldest had walked home and their oldest was going with the men, so that left me and Cameron and Morgan sitting at the table.  Closed out our tab and jumped in my car and thought "Are we supposed to get Ryan?"  So Cam and I pulled out our phones and called our wives.  Neither answered.   So, I took one last look around the restaurant and then headed out.


Dropped Cameron off at his car and headed home.   Got home to find my wife still gone.  Texted her about Ryan.  She texted me back to let me know she just got a call from another neighbor that Ryan was with them at the park area / green space by the restaurant.  Apparently he was supposed to ride with me, but instead of coming back inside, he saw his friend and headed over to where they were in the green space to play. So the wife jumped in her car and headed up to get him.  Of course, I am the bad guy here.


We had a block party on Saturday night and I got lots of good natured ribbing about leaving my kid at Shady's.  BTW, it is less than a block from our house to Shady's, which is right next to Sweet Firefly, the ice cream joint that we let the boys ride their bikes too.  I am pretty sure he could have found his way home eventually.



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