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I have been busy today


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Left Fishridge Farm around 9:30.  Came home and changed the oil in the mower and edger and mowed and edged the yard,  blew off the walks, swept up the leaves and grass c;lippings.  Made a ham sandwich then  head over to the golf shop of the family that owns the farm and helped clean up construction debris for a few hours.  Came home and worked on the sprinkler system.  Dug up five heads near the drive and alley and reset them due to being run over by members of the sharr clan our our refuse engineers and others.

Just grabbed a shower and pulled out the laptop to renew a few domain names and find some call logs for the boss while enjoying a mojito  that I feel I have earned.

What did you get up to today?

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I've been lazy. I was supposed to mow the lawn but have been waking up with some minor allergy effects after long periods outside the previous day, so I decided to wait until after Easter.

I made moves in 10 rated chess games for Teams USA, USA Southeast, and Team Maryland and don't have to move again until Monday in 2 games and Wednesday in 8 games.

I have to peel 8 lbs of potatoes, cut them into raw cubes for potato salad, then store them under water in a pot on the stove overnight. That way they'll be all ready to be boiled tomorrow.  I'm going to have an 8 oz. boneless pork chop with BBQ rub and salsa and baby potato wedges, tossed with a little olive oil and baked for dinner, and then will watch TV and peel/cut potatoes.


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