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Are men garbage ?

Page Turner

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I think that would be great for anyone who blights the landscape with political signs of any ilk.  I feel like responding with promotional signs for sexual aids and jock itch ointments during election season.  They are the "lawn tattoo" of the modern world.

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10 hours ago, Page Turner said:



...because now that I'm retired, I sometimes like to go down the block on rainy trash pick up days and flip open the lids of the cans in front of the guy's house who had the Trump/Pence yard signs in 2016 ? He's usually gone, and does not find out about it until his cans are half full of water. Does this make me passive aggressive ?  I know it must irritate the hell out of him.

If you flip the lid after the trash guys have emptied them. you're fucking with the guy. Before they're emptied you're fucking with the trash guy

I like the idea.

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