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Need custom t-shirt

Square Wheels

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Where can someone design me a t-shirt?  I go to Orange Theory with a friend and my wife.  We have a lot of fun together as a team and the coaches are awesome.  When we're on the treadmills they always try to get us to push a little harder and often say to add 0.1 or 0.2.... 

The friend found this image, I don't think it will work because of the squareness of it and the background color.  I'd like to order three t-shirts in orange with this saying, and maybe a cartoon character.  The cookie monster is cool, but I wonder if a t-shirt place will make it.

Any thoughts on making something like this?


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PP is right in that you can’t use copyrighted or trademarked logos/images. Well at least they reputable places won’t make them...

Just ask uncle google, there are a bunch of companies that do it.  We had custom jerseys and t shirts  made for our softball teams, easy peasy.

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