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500 million straws annually? 400 million? Does the exact number even matter?


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That's how many straws this kid figured out at the time Americans consume annually and it's more or less generally agreed it's in the ballpark. If you're a conservationalist and you still use 'em, shame on you.


As for me, I suck so I can't claim the title. 

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I have a bunch of sensitive teeth.  I need to use a straw to avoid washing my sensitive teeth in painful cold liquids.  But I do not consume but a few per month.  I use them at home and wash them for reuse.  If I should buy a drink anywhere and use a straw, I bring it home and reuse it.  I have a drawer full. 

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I don’t use straws, never have. I used to get pissed when people would bring you one, like you would somehow need one as a matter of course. 

My mother now uses one for chocolate milk, which seems about the only protein she regularly takes in.  She will be upset if Obama snatches her straws, but she will blame Trump instead. 


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