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If I was Airehead....


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... I would invite me up for grape pie. 

You know you want to.  We can have tea and pie and make fun of how civilized we are in an ironic way.  

I will not require the master bedroom, and I will only need one servant to attend to my needs. 

We can phone Cheese and Kirby if they can’t come.  I assume that Couch and squish-brain will be there on my arrival. 

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I have invited you before. It stands, double so if you bring RO and we can take her to the Strong Museum of Play and Niagra Falls. 

It is the wrong time of the year for grape pie. Come in the fall. If you come now I have baked pineapple, or kimchi or asparagus to offer you. 

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Just now, Randomguy said:

Mmm, bakes pineapple. This could happen.  Soon. 

Pineapple was fresh in its natural container two hours ago. Eggs came home from the farm with us today so likely laid at dawn.   It really is good just took a kitchen taste. 

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2 hours ago, Randomguy said:

Mmm, baked pineapple. This could happen.  Soon. The RO trip would have to wait, though. 

Will the Buffs come, too?  They are local, right?

We are 10 miles from Niagara Falls. That would be awesome. Still reeling from your out of season request for Grape Pie. But we are heading into Strawberry-Rhubarb pie season , probably the best of the hyphenated pies. 

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15 hours ago, Shu Fang said:

RG, if you visit Rochester, you can stay at Aire's house.

Ylva doesn't like you and I fear she would bite you alot.

Shu Fang

How do I get to the house of Aire from Yulan?  I would love to be taken in the rescue plane, but I fear that isn’t in the cards. 

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