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Funday Monday thread


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1 minute ago, Airehead said:

Six kids finished a half gallon with no trouble.  How many kiddos are still with you?  You may need two gallons


We have the four girls, the little one just came out of the bedroom and joined her sister on nana’s Lap.


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Big red is my favorite 11 year old granddaughter, coco bean is my favorite seven year old, little red is my favorite five year old and Katie hope is my favorite three year old granddaughter. Of the twin dudes I have a favorite brown haired two year old and a favorite red headed two year old. I have lots of favorites.

i have been busy all day, made waffles for breakfast and chicken noodle soup for lunch. After I take them home I’ll be ready for s nap.

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4 hours ago, Kzoo said:

Texting each other?


Actually little red was watching a you tube video on how to repair a “squishy” and Katie Hope was playing a game with Ginger but the repairing the squishy video caught her attention. They love playing with Nana’s old devices, they don’t have those at home. As soon as we got home their other papa put big red to work washing the vinyl siding he was installing on their garage. She enjoys working with her other papa. He has had her mudding drywall, using a nail gun, cordless screwdriver, and driving a tractor.

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