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Glen said he could straighten my shaft for $50!


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so how did you bend the crankshaft on a lawn mower?

Had a tree removed.  30 year old Bradford pear.  (May have been distantly related to you on your mothers side from what I could tell)They took it to ground level.  I can normally mow right over the top if at my normal mowing height.  Sadly, I lowered the mowing height this time and forgot about the stump until the loud BANG and the mower stopping dead in an instant.


Pulled the badly curled blade (after removing the spark plug lead and shutting off fuel valve) and spun the blade clutch.  REALLY bad wobble.


The shop said they can usually get them pretty well straightened out for around $50, which sounds better than a $100 crankshaft and 2 to three hours of labor, or a new engine.


Going to give it a try.


BTW, I planted this tree back in the 80s, but due to some bark inclusions and rot, it split badly and had to be taken out.  It was Ryan's favorite tree.  When he was having a bad day, he would climb into it and be alone with his thoughts.  He cried when I had to take it down.

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I was just wondering if maybe you crashed your mower racing it at the Summer Nationals or overcooked the motor with a homespun "performance upgrade" or something like that


nice that they can fix it. Fifty bucks would only get you a used half toasted push mower that might have another season left in it


but for fifty bucks it might not, too

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I bent a crankshaft on my mower (that I really liked) several years ago when I hit a steel rod in the ground.  The guy at the hardware store told me I might could straighten it, but I figured it was a long shot and just bought a new mower.  


I am much more careful these days to make sure I don't repeat that fiasco.

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