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A Bit Messed Up?

Buzz Kill

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So, apparently this week is National Administrative Professionals Week (or just "Day" which is on Wednesday), and someone in the org sent out a "tribute" to the admins in the org. with some photos.  

Anyway, EVERY one of the photos was a FEMALE admin.  I'm not sure if that indicates that we have no MALE admins, but it does make me wonder if we do.  I have never met a male admin - in this job or the several before it. The closest to it was my first job where the "admin" was called the "office manager" and his duties included "administration" work.  

Odd.  How about you folks?

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I can't recall any male admins. Also few people actually have a dedicated secretary, anymore and the folks that fill that position do a lot more administrative work than the old secretaries were tasked with.

I'ma guessing that "secretary" went away about the same time as "stewardess".

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