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Alexa listens in..to create artificial intelligence


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Alexa listens in to what you are saying. Amazon is paying people to listen to those conversations and teach shit to Alexa. It's all buried in the user agreement or FAQs somewhere. These people don't have direct access to your amazon account, but they have access(whatever the f that means). You might see ads based on your conversations. Amazon might send you random stuff based on your conversations and they might send your conversations to other people. They are sorry for the inconvenience.

It's kind of the opposite of commie, it's capitalist. 


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You'd be amazed at who is listening and watching you.

It's too late to start worrying now.

For example, malls track the locations of all cell phones in order to map traffic patterns, where you stop, where you walk, how fast.  This is why people get marketing degrees.  All your base belong us.

You are operating one of the greatest "spy on you" machines as we speak.

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They are using real conversation to help improve Alexa's conversational understanding.

In today's connected world this is the least of your worries.  There are hundreds of companies and organization that already know more about you than you know about yourself.  Every social media post, every social media "like" is scrutinized by dozens or organizations that buy their feeds.  If you shop at a store and use a credit card or customer loyalty card, anyone that wants to know about that have already purchased the transaction and analyzed it before you get your package home.  Every tweet or Instagram post about a product is analyzed.  You really think that politicians need to conduct polls now.  You mention a president in a good light or bad and someone knows that before a friend has a chance to reply.  You mention toothpaste in a post and you see ads for Crest for the next 2 weeks on every social media site you go to.  

Welcome to 2019


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I was given an Alexa for a gift. I have a niece by the same name. Obviously talking about our niece would trigger it. So would random commercials on TV. I found an article on how you can review what it listens to. Most was innocuous or garbled. Still, I decided to turn it off. I have considered an alarm clock adapter to use it in the bedroom. I don’t think either of us talk in our sleep. And we can unplug it for other moments!

i have known smartphones were listening for quite a while. The moment that really got to me? I was driving in my car. A song came on that reminded me of someone I haven’t seen, or really talked about, in 30 years. My mind went off on a tangent and I remembered a favorite drink of hers. I had not seen it in quite some time. In my mind, I wondered if that brand was even around. None of this was said out loud. The next time I was browsing with my phone, an ad popped up for that brand!

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