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Happy Tuesday


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No spring allergies, thank goodness. Most of the snow is gone. But I'm going to camp to shovel the snow away from my build site so I can get going on it. I'll swing through Marquette to stop at Quick Stop Bike Shop for a quick adjustment on the Hei Hei shifting. Gonna be a blustery day. Bleh.

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Good morning. The grass is growing so fast you can hear it grow. I need to haul my mower into MILs before my surgery next week because it might be awhile before I can get back to it. I haven’t been in there since my wife got sick. I’ll bet the grass is tall.

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3 minutes ago, Parr8hed said:

Good morning.  Pitching lessons today after work.  Double header tomorrow after work for rec league.  Thurs off.  Friday rec game.  Sat and Sun travel tourney and a trialthlon for G in Carmel. 

I look to be booked. 

Soak up every moment and take lots of pictures (I know you do) tomorrow they will be off to college or living on their own. Time flies when you are having fun, cherish the memories.

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