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How do you jump off a moving train?


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You see it in movies all the time.  

They are doing some track work, so we are stopped for the moment.  Looking outside, I see the track is elevated and rolls down sharply on either side.  I feel pretty high up.

I wouldn’t want to jump off the train at all even when we aren’t moving. What is the technique for jumping off of a moving train?

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20 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

I don’t know that it really matters but most likely not facing the back of the train.

I think you run towards the back as fast as you can to decrease your landing speed, if you are on the roof and jumping.  Maybe do a backflip and curl up into a ball before you hit.

I'd like to think I had time to stuff pillows into my clothes, but you never know how last-second this kind of thing would be.

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