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Have you ever had to stop and ask for directions?

Road Runner

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1 minute ago, Kzoo said:

And just how many times have you had to watch that movie?

Lost count long ago, it was one of my son's favorites when he was younger, that and Surf's Up.


My daughter is all about Moana.  She only like movies with lots of singing, that she quickly learns and then sings along with it while acting it out.

Though it's really funny because she likes to up to Graham, when he's being a butt and say, "This isn't who you are" now.

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3 hours ago, bikeman564™ said:

Funny you posted this. I actually asked what turned out to be a prostitute, for directions :D It was 6:30 AM, cold, dark, and in Detroit (where else?). Corner of Rosa Parks & W. Grand Blvd in case you're ever in the area. I was a 22 yo white boy from the suburbs, what do I know?

I was driving my truck after delivering workout equipment to five different gyms in Detroit. It had been a long day and I was very tired. I got my map out after my last delivery and I was so tired I couldn’t focus my eyes on the map. Where the heck were the prostitutes then?  I found a road going south and found the turnpike. I sure don’t miss those long days.

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