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Have you ever had to stop and ask for directions?


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8 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

That scene was set near where I live. Some think that it was East St. Louis however they were driving west over the Mississippi River just before. Therefore it probably was the north side of St. Louis.

Either that or a back lot in Hollywood.


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All the time in S.A. An intentional lack of maps and road signs confuzzled the young American.

Directions were usually some version of (with hand gesticulations); "You go a loong, loong, loong way, up a beeg hill, then turn left."

Off I'd go, and about the time I'd hit third gear, there was my left turn. A loong, loong, loong way, up a beeg hill on foot isn't that far nor that high a hill in a motor car.

The natives were always, always very helpful. The Afrikaners, not so much.

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