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1 minute ago, 12string said:

Do you have the daughter's number?  Asking for a friend.

? Somewhere I’m sure!  She’s probably pushing 30 by now.  Pretty girl but looked nothing like the girl in the reference thread... Other than the ink...

It was her younger sisters pit bull that attacked Jack and I choked out...  The only reason I didn’t finish that fucker then & there was younger sister was pleading with me not to kill her dog...  

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On 4/24/2019 at 2:44 PM, 12string said:

It got a little weird.

Wife and I and another couple went to dinner last night.  A favorite place, we go there rather often.  Same waitress that had been "taking are of us" before.  A very striking woman, pretty, well built.  The shirt she was wearing showed (among other things) her very intricate tattoo.  My wife commented on it, they got to chatting about all the detail, in the course of the conversation my wife mentioned how pretty the waitress was.  After a couple more conversations, the waitress came out wit - "oh, I thought you were hitting on me!".

A bit of silence, a nod in my direction and a comment about well my husband is right here, the waitress started saying something about how tat was quite obvious and .... another bit of silence.  And a quick turn of the conversation by our dinner companions about their single son about her age who might be interested......

So what happened, did you ever arrange the 3-way?

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I am amazed and disappointed in myself that I remembered mainly about choking the pit bull.  Actually that was probably in another thread so I have an excuse. :D

So RG, owl bet you got good marks for follow-through on any performance review. :D

Although, this is a little late...


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28 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

The mom I referenced earlier passed away of cancer recently.  Really sweet lady, only in her mid 60’s.

I haven’t seen either daughter in a while but I bump into their dad regularly.

Did you ever get a look at the daughter’s tat?

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