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Just as I turn into my driveway


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The me of 5 or so years ago would have been mad as hell no matter where it happened.

The me today would be happy it happened in my driveway.


Bummer, any other damage?


My wife and I just  got home from a 25mi ride.  3 spokes were taken out, I look later if the rim is ok.

The wife looked at me and said if it's going to happen better here than 20mi away. I put the bike in the garage and said I'll look at it tomorrow sat down and had a beer.

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Last month I was on a very hilly group ride but had to bail out early. Less than a quarter mile from my car, the rear derailleur cable snapped. I was very, very happy that I wasn't still back in the hills. Plus it only cost me about $10 for a new cable. Much cheaper than 3 spokes, wheel truing, plus a derailleur hanger!

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more or less the same thing.

Did you shift into the largest cog, and it got caught by the spokes?

Yup...I was turning into the driveway, standing up cranking hard up the hill at the end of the driveway and I just down shifted to the largest cog. I don't think it should happen but it did.

Good news is I replaced the spokes today and trued the wheel and thats was ok but the derailer is toast

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I had that happen to a Giant.  It was a replaceable hanger than broke.  Wheelset was the easy part, 3 new spokes.  Apparently the hanger was made out of unobtanium.  Several different bike shops were not able to find replacements for it.  Once shop fabricated one out of another hanger that was close but the bike was never quite right after that.  The rear skewer won't clamp properly and shifting is sketchy.  It works fine on the trainer but I won't ever take it on the road again. 


I have a dedicated trainer bike now, so I got that going for me which is nice.

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