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I peed outside a little while ago


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23 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Our only restroom was four buildings away where I worked. They didn’t want us peeing outside but it took most of our break to walk all the way up there and back. I would pee outside but never wrote MY name in the snow. I would write someone else’s name.

I would be really impressed if it was a woman's name.....

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14 hours ago, Scrapr said:

Dog wants to go out at o dark thirty? Why yes i will


Same.  It bothers me a bit when they sniff my urine, but then they go about their business, so I guess I pass the sniff test.  Or should I feel bad that they do not pee on top of my pee?

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15 hours ago, JerrySTL said:

Writing your name in the snow is one of life's best experiences especially if you have enough control to dot an i.

I usually get the T R A pretty good.  The V is starting to fade and then the I  and S just look like a snake.

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When I coached a high school girls' softball team, there was a patch of woods just beyond our outfield which was a long way from the lavatories in the gym.  On occasion, someone would hit a ball into those woods and if I had to pee, I'd volunteer to go find it and tell the outfielders not to let anyone else go into the woods.  I never knew if they realized why I volunteered until I once got the reply, "Don't pee by the holly bush, it's all wet from Monica."

I never asked Monica how girls wearing softball uniforms manage it in the woods. I didn't want to know.

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