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What happened?


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Just now, James said:

Imagine how they feel.  They waited for years to get on Jeopardy and kick some ass.  And as luck would have it, James is the champion!!!  DAMMIT!!!

I could see that happening to me. :D

But I guess things do even oot.  I have had some very bad but also some very good luck in my life!

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I remember Roy (Wings) telling Faye about when he ran for class president in school.  As he was giving his speech in the auditorium in front of the entire school, some mean boys pantsed him.  He never got over it.  Telling Faye the story worked.  She let him win the seat on the Nantucket Town Council.   :)

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46 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Me neither.  Damn, I mighty as well call myself RalphWaldoKazooworth!  One of those threads has RR's Jeopardy site in it.

RalphZoo. Another brother from a different mother.


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