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At least I don't live in Bakersfield...

Page Turner

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23 minutes ago, Page Turner said:

...I think of it as extra incentive to get out early in the day for my riding. The air quality doesn't usually get too bad until the later afternoon.  Once the PM commute traffic hits, you can pretty much write it off unless you have a death wish.

Same for me, the usual weather is calm in the morning but the ocean breeze kicks in around 11 am and builds until sunset.  

From a weather standpoint it’s delightful but from a riding standpoint it’s tough.  A former poster here used to mention the wind often in his ride posts. SART passes by my house about 2 miles to the west of me.

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2 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

Those jerks game the system to keep the gullible types from visiting.  They want to keep paradise for themselves!

I think Sac is not a bad place.  It's in a great location -- to most other areas.  I would prefer to go smaller than larger -- and certainly Sacramento would fit the bill.  Actually, IMHO, the hills east of Sacratomato would be grand. I like that it has both the beauty AND the weather.  But the air quality before this ranking even came out would be a huge concern and it has only reinforced my views.  

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