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Speaking of commercials with animals, my favorite is the Chantix Slow Turkey

Road Runner

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On the road to becoming a truly grumpy old man about TV commercials, I like any of them that don't include an indisputable con-job, like when they pretend they are a news/documentary where a "doctor" is being interviewed and they tell you things like only their diet pill will make 78% of your weight loss be "pure fat."  Note that if you don't exercise, when you lose weight, it normal that 78% will be fat while the other 22% is muscle mass you are losing!  If they promise more than 1 pound per week of weight loss, their counting on water weight losses.

Then there are the car ads where they say things like, "Why buy a (fill-in-most-models)? Just look at it!"

Of course, when I ask people why they bought a particular car, most can't tell me how their car's storage space, mileage, safety ratings, reliability ratings, etc. compare with similar models, so I guess how it looks IS more important to many than what it does for you.

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5 hours ago, Road Runner said:

The Chantix Turkey is slow but steady.  He reminds me of myself, and Ralph maybe.   :D


I preferred the Slowsky family of turtles that advertised Comcast. 

The slow turkey bugs the shit oot of me because the opposite of cold turkey is not slow turkey, damnit!  Get off my lawn!  And I feel bad for ray liotta being replaced by a turkey. :(


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