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Black Tie Day


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Today I attended the funeral of an old pal of mine....Jock was one hundred years old and everyone who knew him was speculating that we might have to beat him to death with a stick. He certainly was a tough old bird and was living alone in his home until he died.

A life-long cyclist he was a member of the 300,000 miles club having completed well over this number of documented miles before he had to stop cycling when he was around ninety. Initially, a racing cyclist he held several records in time trialling and when he became too old to race he joined our touring club which is the CTC.

This funeral was particularly painful for me as I found that I could no longer fit into my funeral suit and had to shop for something suitable to wear. I did find a very fetching blazer and slacks which did the job admirably and which enhanced my military bearing.......at least that's what the nice lady assistant said and I choose to believe her. 

Sigh.....that's another old codger gone.

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Just now, maddmaxx said:

After a certain age one is requested to go to far to many funerals.  I don't.  I will hoist one for the dead in my privacy.  It's the only time I drink any more.

I had to go max as the old bugger owed me money..... and I was hoping he'd pay me back right up to the last moment. :)

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