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All spies are violent killing machines


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18 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

Or, at least they try to be.  I find most are pretty lousy shots unless they are the "hero" spy or the "evil" spy killing the hero spy's gal.

Espionage always seems violent.  I bet it almost never is these days in real life.

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3 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Most spies have an office job.

What he's saying is that America is big on signals intel. Meaning satellites, data processing, tapping phones and such.

Human intel can get dangerous, plus we aren't all that good at it.

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26 minutes ago, donkpow said:


The Spy Who Came in the from the Cold, by LeCarre.

The single best spy novel of the Cold War, with a complex Triple Cross plot. The movie is good, but you have to read the book. One of LeCarre's recurring characters is Smiley. He's a terrific spy, but the complete opposite of James Bond, in every way.

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