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Inflammation kills


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I want to try and tie a ton of things together.

With few words.

If you look at the Western way of life, just about everything about it is inflammatory.

Most Western diseases, cancer, diabetes, and a hundred others, depend on your inflammation to get going.

So I do some things to try and control it. I wouldn't say I am all that good at it, just that I am better, and trying to improve.

The first killer is sugar. I've cut way back on sugar, but not enough. The second is excess calories, one of my weaknesses. They get broken down into, you guessed it, sugar. That includes a lot of protein in protein shakes... The third is crappy fats. I am doing better here. You ought to know about this already, but, you should be getting quality Omega 3s every day, and Omega 7 from macademia nuts (you only need a tiny amount, TJ has a good price for them). Your cooking oils should be mostly olive and coconut oils. Something I've been meaning to do is make some ghee. It's not ideal, but is healthier than you might think.

Celery juice, beet juice and dark fruit juice like Trader Joe's Power of 7 are all good anti-inflammatories. I put a cup of chopped organic celery in a blender, add 4 oz of organic beet juice, and 4 oz of Power of 7, and blend. If I say so myself, I nailed it with this one. I try and do it every day.

You can't get the full benefit from Omegas from pills. You need to be eating fatty fish, and taking Omegas with it. One good, inexpensive, way to do that is to have sardines as a snack or a lunch. I know of a diet that really kills inflammation, but you'd never do it. Neither would I. It involves a 4-6 ounce portion of fatty fish for breakfast and dinner. And lots of high fiber foods. The Today Show got 3 women to try it for a month, at the end of a month, they looked ten years younger. It was amazing. And they all went out to a steak joint right after the show :D

Anyway, you get the idea. Basically a Med diet but no bread, or wine, or anything I've forgotten that's fun and that includes salad dressing.

Exercise plays a big role in this, of course.


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