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So she felt alone, so wanted to work/keep busy


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1. A retired employee (retired for past decade) dropped in for a visit.  I don't know but she struck me as a highly alert, active/fit person.  Has retired on a good pension after 36 yrs.  She said she wanted to work ...because she lives alone and needs to occupy her time. She works for a local girls' hockey association.

Another employee (who is probably in his 50's) and I looked at each other, wondering if she was a little nuts.  For sure we each had our own plans in retirement!  

2. A management consultant I knew in another dept....seemed to have become physically healthier about a yr. before he retired.  He lost weight, his skin didn't have eczema, he smiled a lot more...  He told me as months moved on, of finding a cheaper house on Canada's east coast and bought it.  They sold her primary home...and he took off with wifey in RV for leisurely camping trip across Canada towards their new home.  Now that is truly planning a retirement well.


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