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Avengers......go see it.


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You will understand it if you were a Marvel Fan as it covers a lot of territory.  Fortify yourself first as you will be in your seat for 3 hours after the lights go out and you will not want to go to the restroom during the third hour for fear of missing something.

If you were not a marvel fan, perhaps a bit of review work is called for as the movie ties together an awful lot of previous marvel universe stuff.

There's a very good reason that it's breaking records across the globe though.  It's a great action movie.

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I'm not a big movie-goer, but the whole MCU sucked me in. I saw a couple here and there, at first. Then my kids would want to share ones we hadn't seen and it started putting related pieces of the movies together. It was kind of fun to see how the whole puzzle started fitting together. Add in well-done characters and writing, cast members who really seem to like each other off-screen and it has really drawn me in. 

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I have trouble watching any sort of science fiction.  Lots of other "drama" shows as well.  Not sure why, but my brian spends most of its time debunking and discrediting everything that is supposedly transpiring on the screen.

No offense meant to anyone who likes Sci-Fi and other Fi.  When I was younger, I loved science fiction and action hero movies and TV.  Nowadays, it all just seems silly to me.

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