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I just did the good family thing


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It's nice to think of family heirlooms going to people who will use and appreciate it for years and decades to come.  I have some paintings that were owned by my aunt and some more that were special to my Dad and I don't know if my niece or nephew will want them, but I'd love if they appreciated them.

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10 hours ago, petitepedal said:

My cousin (72 from comments he made) his wife and son came and picked up the table and cedar chest that his dad made...back in the 1930's..I also gave them a framed  group photo of our grandparents wedding and ?? I have no clue 20 to 25 people..the accordian player..several other young couples with kids...maybe a bunch of immigrants..taken about 1909? I had the cedar chest because my sister gave it to me a few years back..I have had the table since my mom died..we grew up in the family home and these items were more or less "ours"..my cousins family back in the day weren't all that interested in old things..but they have kids..my cousin and one of his brothers...so the pieces will go to family...that is good. 

I was a tad worried but it went okay...oh and @Parr8hed he and his son coach the girls softball team at Bethel College...I told him about Emmy :P  I didn't know him very well..hell he is like 12 years older than me...but he and his brother played baseball and Hockey...both of them were on the U of MN Hockey team back in the day...LOL that would be the 60's :wacko:

Nice thing to do.  I may be doing something similar. My cousin's son, same last name as me, became a high school physics teacher shortly before I retired as one. He's also into chess like me and we stay in touch. His late grandfather, my uncle, came to my house one day in the early 1990's when I was building homemade telescopes and presented me with a small metal lathe.

He said, "Here's the deal, if you sell this before I die, it's mine. If you sell this after I die it's yours."

He died around 2005, but I haven't sold it.

I've used it for lots of things, like making unusually-shaped bolts when an awning support broke.  But now I just "call the guy" if I need something done around the house and the lathe is just basement clutter.  So I think I'm going to ask our family's current physics teacher, my 2nd cousin, if he wants his grandfather's lathe.

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Did something similar a few months ago. Passed on the piano that my mother, my sister and I learned on to my nephew - my sister's son. Now his two girls will be taking piano lessons with the teacher a neighbor of theirs. 

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