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...in his defense, they do have some real attractive oil bargains at Costco, but it's not usually the stuff you use normally, so you need to read the labels for viscosity and recommended use.  Also, you need to be able to store and use it in case lot gallon container quantities.  Which not everyone can do.

I just bought a new computer at Costco, because Microsoft sent out a reminder that they would kill my current OS in December by no longer writing and offering updates for Windows 7.  I haven't yet opened the box, because of all the stuff I will have to read to set it up and make it work. :( I'm glad i can do the reading at home.

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3 hours ago, Road Runner said:

Did he seem disoriented?   

Was he trying to slip away?  :(


2 hours ago, Longjohn said:

That’s what cell phones were invented for.

Called him twice. I bought blueberries and organic grapes. He bought frosted mini wheats and more LED shop lights for the garage. I swear you will be able to operate in there. 

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