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Survey: How many of you currently have Airwick with Cheese on ignore ?

Page Turner

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6 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

I think he is ignoring all of us, especially me.  :(




 I'm Away until 05/24/2019


I will be away until after Jeopardy has a new champion.   :(


...from the profile page of the forum member in question.  I suspect he is on a road trip to New York, stalking @Kirbys Wild Sister .

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Ever since Cheese taught me how to get my lawn mower started after sitting dormant all winter, I haven't wanted to miss his advice so I don't ignore him!

This year, I didn't even try pulling the cord until after I tipped it on it's side, carburetor side down, for about 1/2 a minute.  It started on the 3rd pull.

It will start on the 1st or 2nd for the rest of the year without needing to be tipped, but it needs it for the first time.

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