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Pulled hamstring.  I'm less than happy about this.  I have recently started increasing cycling miles and added jogging to hopefully strengthen my legs and cardiovascular system.  Past two days I'm limping.  WebMD says rest, ice and ibuprofen or amputation.  I'm hoping the former will work and I can avoid the latter.


No exercise until it feels 100%, I want this to go away.

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added jogging


There's your problem right there.  Your post ride routine should include stretches for all your major muscle groups.  Do some yoga and send $ to SuzieQ, it'll do you both good.


It may all be in my head, but I feel a lot stronger this year than I did last year.  I rode inside a lot this winter.  I added jogging about 5 weeks ago, I also feel this has helped.


I have been stretching sometimes before riding and running and most of the time after.  For running I always start with at least 5 minutes of brisk walking.


I think this happened yesterday, I was starting to feel something in the morning so I stretched a lot before and after.  Still ended up with a pulled muscle.  At least I have a desk job, I sit a lot of the day.

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