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Speaking of bike shoes


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Shoes, saddles, and bibs are the wrong places to cheap out.


Depends if you have sensitive feet, or a sensitive ass.  I luckliy don't have that problem.  Prefer to stick to Pearle shorts, but only buy on clearance.  Think the most I've spent is $60.  Saddle, what ever comes on the bike has usually worked for me.  Though need to replace my one on my old Fisher, but not like you have time to sit on it much on a MTB anyways.

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If Sidis fit me (standard = too wide, narrow, which I'd need = funny toe box) I'd consider them.


Instead, I love Shimano's Custom-Fit line.  Best shoes I've ever had: The Shimano SH-R220 (the Ultegra level shoe at the time I bought them).  They oven-bake them, then vaccuum-mold them to your feet while they are still warm.



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