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I have achieved backyard nirvana.


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:)  Absolutely perfect weather, green grass from all the recent rain and sun, and the weeds have settled down to a dull roar where I can stand to sit without having to constantly pull them.  Now they are down to the ones that make a decent work break to pull them.


But the best part is the new patio furniture that is oh so comfy and very stylish if I do say s myself, and I do!  Cast aluminium roundtable with a nice design.  Chairs with orange cushions and a nice umbrella round out the package.  And the recent addition is two chaise lounges with nice little square tables for drinks, books, and computers.  A perfect combination. :)  I just finished a most awesome lunch, and now as I post this I am listening to Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops singing with Aretha Franklin as a nice gentle and variable breeze blows.  This is nice. :)

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No pics yet, but today is just stunning. :)  Nice breeze, sunny, cool.  And I just finished a garden-fresh greek salad with Victory saison.  But I do have to get back to algae

  washing. :angry:  :mellow:  


Also, we bought some nice citronella plants.  Even if they don;t repel skeeters, they do look and smell pretty cool.  'spensive though. :(

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What are these skeeter things you speak of?

No skeeters yet today. Its too early and the nice breeze keeps them away.


That looks wonderful, scooter!

The doggies like it. :)   

We're just sitting out enjoying this perfect 70s weather. Need to take advantage of it while we can. The dog days of summer are a knockin.

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