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6/8/14 Miles


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We need some pics of the Dismal Swamp!  It is certainly an intriguing name. :)

I don't actually see the swamp when I am riding.  The park is located next to the intracoastal waterway canal (the Dismal Swamp Canal) originally surveyed by George Washington. Route 17 (George Washington Highway) was rerouted and the old original two lane road next to the canal (8.5 mile section) was saved and turned into a biking, walking, jogging trail.  I could take pictures but there isn't much to see.  8.5 miles of straight flat road with a canal on one side and farm land and trees on the other.  The swamp and Lake Drummond are on the other side of the canal.


There is some interesting stuff in the area of the swamp, but it is too involved to try to explain here.


Google the Great Dismal Swamp and you'll get all the pics and history, if you're interested.   :)

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Hey Roadrunner..how far are your from Russell Cty VA?????


Me..just shy of 10,000 steps..should have biked this MA or Noon time..but got caught up in my John Sandford book....One day at a time!!


I'm guessing you mean Russell County.  There is no Russell City that I know of.  About 300 miles as the crow flies.  I am in the Tidewater area (lower right corner of VA) and Russell County is in the mountains (lower far left corner of the state).

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