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7 Wild Historical Coincidences Too Crazy To Believe


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The McLean house is in Manassas VA.  "A road between Richmond VA and Washington DC" is vague at best as these cities are about 100 miles apart.  The First Battle of Manassas (or Bull Run depending on who you talk to) was the first major skirmish between Northern and Southern forces in the Civil War.  Manassas is roughly 25 miles SW of Washington DC.  It was at this battle where Gen.Thomas Jackson earned the nickname Stonewall.  An errant cannonball landed in Mr McLean's house.  He packed up the family shortly afterwards and moved to where he thought there would be no risk of cannonballs in his living room.  Four years later, Lee surrendered to Grant near McLean's house in Appomatox.  McLean was a witness to the beginning and end of the Civil War.

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