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How do you keep from falling asleep while driving?

Square Wheels

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I took allergy medicine last night and it's killing me today.  Add to that, I don't ever sleep well.


I am friggin exhausted.


My commute home is all but guaranteed to be 1.5 - 2.5 hours.  It's faster by bike.


I eat a lot of Tic Tacs, those help.  I listen to Car Talk if I haven't heard it before (Sirius), I listen to comedy.


I'd prefer not to die, at least not today.  Should I leave the password for this place with someone?  I think PatBiker seems trustworthy.

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  Should I leave the password for this place with someone?  I think PatBiker seems trustworthy.


We've been down this road before - I'm out.


And it really doesn't matter because as soon as you push the Go button on the forum software upgrade, we're all going to The OG anyway.

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Someone described it as golden handcuffs once. I've been here a long time and make decent money. The commute started less than an hour. Today was 2.5. This did not make me happy. I will rise in tomorrow.

I can see how you don't want to move.  My commute is just 'spensive and long, at 95 miles and 1.5 hours.  Most of the time we are moving at very good speeds on the Jersey turnpike.  The only real fly in the ointment is summer Fridays and the days before holidays, but hopefully once they finish the turnpike expansion later this year that will help a lot.

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Who in their right mind would commute 2.5 hours?


It boggles the mind.   :wacko:


If you commute two hours each way and you assume 16 hours awake and active time each day, then you spend 1/4 of your awake and active time commuting.  So for each 4 days you work, you effectively give up one day of your life sitting in traffic.  Allowing for time off, this equates to about 58 days (almost two months) a year you spend in the prison that you call your car.   :(


For every six years you spend commuting 2 hours each way, you will lose a year of your awake life stressing out over traffic and listening to stupid talk radio.   :angry:


Then, of course, there is always the good chance of getting in a traffic accident and getting killed or worse.   :(


Of course there is always the possibility that you might actually relish commuting and all that it entails and, in that case, enjoy!     :)

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It takes me about 1 hour to get in and from 1.5 to 2.5 to get home.  The commute has become significantly worse over the years.

Moving closer is not an option, and finding a comparable job closer to home would pay anywhere from 25% to 50% less than what I make now.


I have less than 20 years until retirement, I can make it.

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