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I made meatballs in 5 minutes last night, along with sauce


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The sauce turned out magnificently, and the meatballs were pretty good, despite the fact that I was moving so fast that I forgot to add salt when I made them.


Ok, it took a few minutes to make the meatballs, then another 5 or so to brown them, then another 3 minutes to add tomatoey things and secret spice mix of whatever I had on hand, then simmered for an hour and a half whilst I played with randombaby.


Next time I do it, I want a more controlled process, how do you make meatballs?

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so five minutes is really 1 hour and 41 minutes?  I wonder if I can make that work the other way for my wife in bed.  No really honey that was at least 45 minutes on the RG scale...... welll, 30 anyway.  Okay 15, but it was a SOLID 15 RG minutes!

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