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I think I hate Twitter


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Because of it, some how I've gotten myself roped into trying to start up a new anual bike ride.


Will be awesome if we pull it off as we want, though the day doesn't help since it will be a Monday.  But it's a 75 mile bike ride from down town Indy to a small town to the North, recreating one of Major Taylor's first significant bike races.


I love the idea and it's an awesome idea.  Love the historical aspect of it.

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I have a Twitter account and used it a while, more professionally....but I just can't stand the constant bombardment of it. Too intrusive for me. I almost never even log in anymore.


It's mainly used as a news feed for me, which for that it does work good.  Hate it for communication though as I can't handle the character restraint, which makes it hard for me to understand how it ever became so popular.

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