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Once again, the weather forecasters got it ALL wrong.  I wasted my Saturday thinking thunderstorms were imminent (weather apps showing storms every hour until past sundown), and, while Sat was blistering hot, and it was okay to sit it out, Sunday came with humidity and grey skies, but moderate 80o temps. I bit the bullet, headed out as usual toward the west and less people. This video starts a few miles farther out than the last one, but the same stretch of countryside past Leesburg.

Again, this traffic in NoVA is atrocious and it is insane folks even think to ride there.

For those who care, I kept my socks on this time :D

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8 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

Once again, the weather forecasters got it ALL wrong.

I didn’t go to Erie Saturday as the forecast was for rain all day. It didn’t. Sunday was then TOO WINDY for sailing. So a lost weekend.

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