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I got my baby back baby back baby back...(Or, what's blue and black and SRAM RED all over?)


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Yes, Bosox, I know you don't like SRAM.  ;)


I had the the original (first-generation, as is the rest) Force front derailleur swapped for a 2013 SRAM Red Yaw FD before they get discontinued, as everything is going to 22-speed, and I wanted improved front shifting that I'd heard was available.  I haven't been able to ride a lot in the past few years, but I did find out the other weekend that she's still a joy to ride.


For those of you that haven't seen her, meet the slightly-revised Starlight Express, just back from the shop.  She's now 11 years old...well, her frame and fork are, at any rate. :)



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Sweet ride!  I admire its blueness. :)  Must be very fast!


Dave Sem of San Antonio, TX did her up right back in 2007.  He mixed eight custom shades of blue to do it -and his price was a bargain.  I've sent some business his way as a result of his great service and quality jobs (Madcity being one of them).


Up close, it's got star highlights and planets that he added as touches to my original suggestions. And note --the logos are airbrushed, not decals, so they can't peel or come off.  Head-tube Trek logo is ghosted on; you can see it in the right light, and not otherwise.



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Thanks, guys. :)


I was wrong -2005 was the repaint, not 2007.  I'm getting old.  Two of my four RAGBRAI bands are still on the stem (06, 08, 09, and 10).


She's a 2003 Trek 2300 --the last all-aluminum (except for the fork, which was the OCLV 110 fork like the Trek 5200) pro-level made-in-USA model before they shifted aluminum bikes to overseas and added carbon stays.  Trek did a bad decal job, didn't even clear-coat, and they started coming off a year later, so I did what I wanted to do in the first place.  They used Klein's aluminum alloys from when they bought them out.  Eleven years later, she's still a great ride, albeit with 100% different parts. :D

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hopefully someday you can upgrade to Shimano.


Prior to 2007, she did have Shimano.  9spd Ultegra with a 180mm Dura-Ace crankset.  Then I did some renovations.  Most of the Ultegra went to my spare bike, other than the derailleurs (needed long-cage and a triple front, bought those later on Ebay).


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