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Well, I suck at golf...


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but that's old news.  I've played three times this year.  All very good courses.  I suck, at least when it comes to having two good nines together.  To recap in order of play:


Crosswinds:  Front - 54

                      Back - 41


Southbridge:  Front - 41

                      Back - 51


Savannah Harbor:  Front - 47

                               Back - 38


I had the 1,3,5 metals re-gripped and they are hitting pretty well.  The irons go in this week for the same, so I hope that will give me a little more consistency, even though on the back nine today I hit them really well, my putter let me down on a few holes or the 38 would have been a stroke or two better.  Anyway, a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work, right?  :P 

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It's not the clubs... it's the way you smack your balls around in public! Did you make sure your balls were washed forcefully and dried with care?

That's the thing, on the bad nines my balls get lost before they get dirty.  On the good nines I keep them clean without having to wash them.  The others in the group appreciate that.  :whistle:

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