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My poor doggie

Chopped Liver

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is worn out!

With all the peeps viewing the house today, I took her to the Chattahoochee National Park near Alpharetta, on E. Jones Br.

Anyway, we probably did 5 miles on the trails there....her legs are mayb 6 inches long, so that's a lot of walking/jogging for her.

She's dead asleep in the floor right now.....and I'm gonna have to get her up again in about 40 minutes.


We did see a couple deer...a Doe and what looked like a smaller doe.  Don't know if it was her fawn.  The bigger doe would have probably dressed out around 50-60lbs of meat, the smaller one maybe 30lbs.

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My doggy thinks running as fast as she can and slamming into the bathroom door will make me open it for her faster.. I can't type this message and poop at the same time if I'm busy letting her into the bathroom to lay at my feet.

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How long is that river? Seems I saw it down by Ft Benning.

N. GA mountains, near the TN border all the way down to Lake Seminole (I think it is).  Probably close to 350 miles.  And yes, you saw it right on the state line between Columbus, GA and Pheonix City, AL.


edit: Uncle Google says it's 430 miles long.

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