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In case you didn't look at the calendar, the weekend starts soon


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What's your plans?





stop at Home Depot to get the rest of the lumber for the grandkids treehouse

30 miles on the bike



early morning ride with some new ride friends - 27 miles

finish up with another 33 miles solo

finish the treehouse

pick up a backyard swing set from a friend's




lunch with some family

20-30 mile ride

deliver the swing set to the grandkids and set it up




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We're headed to the in-laws this weekend for a 50th anniversary party for them. Plan to bring my bike and sneek out for a ride sometime Saturday. Drive home Sunday morning and go to a graduation party in the afternoon.

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Tonight:  Racing on Lake Ray Hubbard with Ryan and Martha on The Rock.


Tomorrow: Canoe trip on the Trinity River with Ryan and some other scouts from our Pack in the AM then pick up Wade when he returns from Scout Camp.  Saturday afternoon, chill with friends.


Sunday : Church and then a bike ride with the boys, some yard work and a cold beer.

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you didn't see the word "shopping"? 


Yes I did, but I pictures you and your bride, hand in hand, strolling past American Eagle on your way to Bed Bath and Beyond.  Not, you rooting through some strangers lingerie drawer during an open house.

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Found a couple possible "next homes" last night.  One is new construction, the other was built in the early 90's.

Both are bigger than I need, but I think ok deals.  The Older construction is what I'm actually leaning towards since it's a bit closer to work and actually has a bit of a yard.  I haven't been to that house yet, so the doggy and me are going to see it, then go back by the new construction to get papers such as price list, any restrictions on use, etc.

Then I'm gonna pick up a pork roast and smoke it.....pulled pork sammies for dinner tonight! Whoo hoooo!

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Working Sat and Sun morning...New front bearing/hubs get installed on the truck....make dinner on Sat evening...not sure what, and here it is at 5:15 pm central already....hit the used book store later this evening.

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