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September photos

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A nice Sunday outing. Anticipated much more crowded as there was a line trying to get into the park overflowing onto the main street. It was worse when I left as traffic backed up half a mile in both directions. Wekiva Springs is the closest State Park to Orlando with residential development next to it.


Wekeiva - 2500px-1.jpg

Wekeiva - 2500px-4.jpg

Wekeiva - 2500px-7.jpg

Wekeiva - 2500px-14.jpg

Wekeiva - 2500px-15.jpg

Wekeiva - 2500px-5.jpg

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A woman who modeled for me said I should be on the other side of the camera some time. She wanted me to get the good feeling she had when modeling. She had done some family photography. She can compose a shot, but needed some coaching on the technical settings of the camera and understanding lighting. 

She said she learned a lot watching me work when she modeled, but we spent the afternoon last Sunday with me coaching her on using the camera with manual settings. It started a little rocky, but as the afternoon went on, I could see the lights come on for her! It was a very rewarding day! I was her primary subject. This was one of my favorites from the day. 


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