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A perfect Day


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Yesterday, was a wonderful day.


We had perfect weather up on the mountain.  There was 7 riders in my pack.  We all had a very fun day.  There were no mechanical problems and no one crashed or got hurt.  


The ride:




After the ride, I went home and made a beautiful salad to take to my buddies house.  We have a weekly potluck with some people and ride the pump track at my friend's house.  Next week a pump rack wall berm is gong to get erected.  It's going to be a wooden wall structure.  It's going to be fantastic.  Anyway, last night I was really starting to understand the pump action and was able to get all the way around a couple times with no pedaling.  My Man was helping  me with pointers on how to get the proper pump action. 


All the food was fantastic too.  We had rib eye steak, chicken, squash, salad, garlic bread and corn. I fed their goat some salad trimmings. They have baby chickens over there and I had fun checking out their ladies.  


It was a perfect day.  Good riding, friends all around me, and it was all enjoyed in perfect weather. 

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