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Vibes for Maggie...


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She was in for annual checkup a few weeks ago and all seemed well.


Our cat, Maggie has been having odd behavior, vomiting and lack of appetite the last week or so. My wife was planning on taking her to the vet (getting a last minute appointment) last Thursday or so, but in the middle of the night my wife said she was acting strangely enough that we took her to emergency vet. Probably a good thing. Her temp was almost to the point of dangerously high. Basically a generic diagnosis (apparently not uncommon) of FUO (Fever of Unidentified Origin). They gave her some fluids, nsaids for the fever, antibiotics to fight infection that 'may' be the cause of fever.


So my wife still schedules appointment with our regular vet for Friday. They looked at her and decided that maybe an x-ray to see if anything looked amiss (more of a long-term issue)...like a tumor or something cancerous. The appointment was late Friday afternoon so they weren't able to get a read on it from a radiologist until this morning, but they definitely think something looks amiss and want to do an ultrasound now. They are fearing cancer.


Please keep happy thoughts for Maggie.

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I am very sorry to hear that. :(


We lost one due to lymphoma ourselves --it went so fast we didn't get a chance to treat it.


Best wishes for a much better outcome.

Yeah...in some ways that's actually better.


We will see what the oncologist says. It maybe somewhat treatable with a decent quality of life for a few years. Then again...there may be nothing but strong chemo and poor quality of life for a short time.

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We went to see the veterinary oncologist today. She has lymphoma. There are two types, a mild type (treatable) and a more aggressive type. Guess which one Maggie has?


It seems our treatment plan with the best possible outcome will cost over $6000 and give her a survival rate of 6-8 months. She REALLY HATES trips to the vet...so even if her 'quality of life' would be OK, it would be a VERY STRESSFUL day for her one day every week over that time. It usually takes her days to get over a stress like that as it is.


Options aren't looking good. :(

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Have they given any advice on how to make her happy while you go down the decision-making process?


Best wishes, KT and Maggie.  No words for me to describe the suckitude involved.

They gave her something yesterday (a shot, forget the medicine) that should kinda be a first treatment. It would help her feel better and give us time to think. Essentially we need to decide by next week. 


To me, it doesn't seem worth paying $6-7K to extend her life for only 6-8 months, especially if that that time will require weekly treatments. Trips/vet freak her out so much that it takes her a few days at least to recover....so all that life extension would be a pretty stressful time for her.


I think we're going to have to opt for no treatment and make the decision when she starts being in too much pain. Possibly before it gets that far so that she doesn't have to suffer much.

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