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Official NHL Hockey thread (?)

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With preseason kicking off I had'nt noticed if an official post was made.

I'll start off with some pics from Fan Fest this weekend:

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That's Luke Witkowski which we just got back from Detroit. Looks like he is going to spend time with Syracuse but I hope they bring him up for at least some of the season. A now not so typical defensive style of the old school bruiser type; he's a lot of fun to watch.


The Lightning still haven't signed Point which is disheartening. His Jersey was 50% off at Fan Fest and no banners of him around the rink so I think until he comes back to the table we are kinda not counting on him. Especially with the Leafs dropping an asinine deal to Marner. All the bridge deals the Lightning have offered have been the 3.3-6 million range, to think you'd get 10+ just cause Leafs are willing to sink their entire cap in one guy, makes a ridiculous bargaining strategy.  


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Finally got to see Kevin Hayes in action.


That's what I said when they signed him for $7mil/year.  Never noticed the guy.

He just does SO much right.  Not flashy, but a PITA to play against.  He's going to make the team around him much better.  He's not worth $7mil alone, but he makes the team $7mil better.

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1 hour ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

You say that now.

But hey, my team signed a bottom 6 player to a 6 year deal, soo... :dontknow:

He's top 6 for now.  He's gonna take ton of heat from Philly fans, because he's just solid, not flashy, won't score a ton.  But the team around him will be much better. because of him.  When Nolan Patrick passes him as 2C, Flyers will be 3 lines deep.

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My current state of mind regarding playoff teams (no particular order, not predicting who will win the division because frankly IDGAF):

Metro: Penguins, Capitals, Devils

Atlantic: Tampa, Boston, Toronto

Wild Card: Panthers, Islanders

Central: Nashville, St. Louis, Dallas

West: VGK, SJS, Calgary

WC: Winnipeg, Colorado

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Metro will be interesting.  Rangers and Devils improved their rosters.  Caps and Pens stayed about even.  Isles overachieved last year and should come back down to earth.  Jackets and Canes - terrible

The Flyers didn't change their rosters with big names, but I think the improvement will be surprising.  Niskanen and Braun add veteran leadership to a very young D corp that saw 2 major pieces have bad seasons they should recover from.  Hayes will have a ripple effect through the forwards.  One of that crop of very talented rookies will make the team.  Last year's late additions - Carter Hart and Phil Myers are impact players that they will have all season.  But most importantly, they have an actual coach who isn't interim or just overmatched, the attitude adjustment will be huge.  Flyers will make the playoffs.

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10 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

A lot of departures since then.

Losing Bobrovsky was big, but I am not positive Korpi is terrible like people would like us to believe. Panarin will be missed the most.  The rest of the people who left were rent-a-players for the playoff run.  

The biggest disappointment this year will be everyone realizing Milano is not a superstar player.

After watching a few practices, I really want to see Nathan Gerbe make the team. That little guy plays his ass off. 

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16 hours ago, Forum Administrator said:

The rest of the people who left were rent-a-players for the playoff run

So, losing a Vezina goalie, your best forward, and all the guys that were signed to get you into the playoffs won't hurt?

Really, if you're counting on Korpi and Gerbe.............

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