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I went by our local Mom's Organic Market this weekend to buy some bulk nutritional yeast and a few other items.  While there, I noticed that there was a new tenant in the old K-Mart space - a Sprouts grocery store.  I always thought of them as a West Coast sort of store, but apparently, they are spreading all over. 


What's interesting is that they are located in the same shopping center as the MOMs, a Lotte, and a few bodegas (or the Middle Eastern equivalent), and across the street from a Safeway.

So, now within a stroll or, as my wife prefers, bike ride, we have our go-to shops of Trader Joes & Harris Teeter. Then there's Giant, Whole Foods, two Safeways, a pending Wegmans, a Balduccis, and places like Target or CVS trying to grab my grocery dollars.  All this while we have bumped up our meal delivery service usage instead of spending time at any grocery store.  I don't quite get the grocery store business. :(

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Sprouts took over Henry’s which was a local health food chain.  The merchandise has changed some and I liked the Henry’s better.

I go there once a month or so to stock up on a couple of gluten free items so I don’t make my daughter sick when cooking some of her faves.

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