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Turn on the Michigan game right now!

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Jason Gay, a sportswriter for the Wall Street Journal (he also covers cycling), went to Wisconsin and often writes funny articles about having to work with all the Michigan grads at the WSJ.    I loved this quote from this week's column:


Do you how many Wisconsin football games I went to when I went to school at Wisconsin? Zero! Come on, people. Do you really think I got up that early? (We also didn't win much back then.)

But getting older does funny things to you. You start eating earlier and talking to strangers on airplanes. You develop strong opinions about comfortable shoes and read spiffy magazine articles about Nantucket. You also begin to feel sentimental for things you never felt sentimental for before -- like a university where you spent four years barely paying attention and which you now rabidly defend against all comers, especially ones you work with who attended Michigan.


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