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I ordered new shoes today.


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those look like awesome summer running shoes, though


d they have other colors?


Yup.  But these were on sale at Amazon.  These are last years model before they changed the fit, supposedly.  I've read good reviews on it.  I'm trying this brand for the first time.  My Sauc Guide 6s are running out of steam for my fat ass.  Time for another pair.



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I recently ordered some Hi Tec hiking boots from the REI Outlet.  They were marked down to under $50 from $75.00  Then they marked them down again and sent me an offer for 30% off any item in the Outltet, so I ordered a second pair and had them shipped to my local REI for free.  Got them for around $30.00.


So now I have two sets of boots, should be set for the next 5 years at least.


They are no where near as spiffy as Couch's new kicks.



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Return them! If SW has the same pair, you know nothing good is going to come from it! 

Those shoes will make you less funny :)


It's no the shoes.  It's the socks.  And he seems to think that those new ones will help.   :dontknow:

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