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Our kitty

Square Wheels

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We had three cats and a feral kitty adopted us a few years ago.  He has been incredibly slow warming to us.  He clearly likes living in the house and has never once tried to escape.


Every now and then if you walk up slowly and give him a treat he will take it from you hand, that's about as close as we can get.  I tried it last night while he was sitting on the his couch.  Then I averted my eyes and attempted to pet him.  I was very surprised he let me.  I pet him for at least 10 minutes with him pushing really hard into my hand.  Then my wife slid in and took over an I took a short video.


This took years to get this far, he's such a sweet kitty.


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One of his ears is trimmed.  Our vet said it was from the MSPCA that looks for wild cats, catch them, neuter them, give them their shots and release them (with a clipped ear so they know who they already did).  I sent them an email letting them know one of their cats found a good home.  It made them happy.


He lives with three other cats, he wants to play with them, but they are not very friendly to him.  Our old lady (almost 18) is grouchy toward all of the cats, then we have two sisters (6) that are mean to him, and probably afraid of him.


I think Red is going to be the most lovable cat of them all, it just might take a few more years.

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